Friday, August 2, 2013

The Story that Bubbles

So I've been working at a new lodge since Monday. Turns out the chef there has actually written a story. He said it was around 1200 pages or so, and that's handwritten. Once typed up and properly formatted it would be an average book, maybe five or six hundred pages. Quite an achievement when you consider some of the other things he's told me.

The story simmered and welled ever since he was a kid.

He'd spent years writing it down.

He also gave me the name of a book or two by an author I don't remember now (sorry). From the sound of it, it will be an awesome tale. It might even be one of those big ones, IF he ever gets it past the handwritten, stuffed in a drawer, stage. Maybe I can get him going on it again. Trouble is, he's here and it's there, wherever there is. He's going to need to type it onto a Word document so it can be worked with; I know some people prefer to work with the hard copy, but that still would be best typed out and double spaced. Ah but there's time. The future will tell. You can bet I'll be working on him a little.

Have you ever had a story just bubble in there between your ears? I've frequently heard people say, "I wish I could write." Or some version of the same. I even had an email through Yahoo Answers asking if a memoir of around 900 pages would be interesting.

I'm willing to share all I've learned, but you gotta ask first. I won't be beating down your door. Good luck all you wannabes.


William Kendall said...

900 pages is closing in on Tom Clancy territory!

Anna L. Walls said...

Well maybe someday I'll be able to publish such a large book under a single cover. Time will tell.

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