Friday, October 28, 2016

The Sales Conundrum

I learned from a friend today that she'd told a friend of hers about my books or that I was an author (no idea which), any way, this other woman's son bought a kindle edition of The Guardians. Good news for me, but it got me wondering. Why don't I get more such sales? Why is it that so few of my family's friends buy my books? Or maybe they do and I just don't hear about it.

Anyway, I wonder if it's because it sounds kinda cheesy when you say, "My sister is an author. You should check out her book(s)." or something similar. Does it? More than once in meeting people at work, when the subject comes up that I have written books, say how cool it is to meet a real author, and that's whether they buy any of my books or not. Not everyone is into reading, and only a fraction of those enjoy what I write, but I usually sell at least one or two books to staff every year. I was thrilled when my boss offered to display my books at the lodge. I mean really, they have nothing to do with Alaska or with fishing. They went up too late to get many sales this year, but they'll be there all summer next year, and with a new one to be added to the list. Keep an eye peeled right here. I'll be putting up a post all about it sometime soon.

So, how are your sales? Do you get more sales through family, or through strangers like on Amazon or whatever other platform you publish on?