Monday, July 27, 2015

What is a Website to You?

Everyone knows what a website is. It is different things to different people, but mostly you are trying to sell something to someone. I try to sell my books from my website as well as my writing services. But really, what kind of information should you have on your website? That too depends on the purpose of you site.

To put it simply, you website is your on-line face. It is a representation of you and your business. Every business is different, but your customers need to be able to go there and have any of their questions answered.

There's no guarantee they will read the information offered, but it still needs to be there. If your customers call and asks a question, the answer needs to be on your website - especially if more than one customer happens to ask some version of the same question.

I have a dream of one day running my own little lodge. It is only a dream, but I've devoted some time to the concept and I've created another weebly website for the idea. Though I've never advertised it in any way, it still gets a hit or two now and then. I copied some of the information from the lodge website where I used to work - things like pricing and such, but I wanted it to tell my wishful-thinking customer everything he or she might want to know. What will I offer - what you might be able to expect at certain times of the year - and most importantly, how much will whatever cost. There's also a list of recommended things to pack. I'm a realist; I'm no spring chicken so it's fairly certain that this dream will never come to fruition, but it's an exercise in pleasure. Every once in a while I'll stop in there and make sure it still says everything I think it should.

Does your website represent you? Have you answered all your customers questions there? If not, you should, and the sooner the better.