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I am a self-published author and I live in the wilderness of Alaska. My connection to the outside world is restricted to a post office that is nearly thirty river miles upriver from where I live (Skwentna Alaska is on the map), a fixed wireless telephone, and an internet satellite dish. We don’t own a car since there are no roads out here. The end of the closest road is at least sixty river miles downriver from here. From there, it’s a taxi to the next town of any size (Wasilla Alaska is on the map too). Needless to say, I don’t go to town very often because the privilege is simply too expensive.
Let me tell you a little about the books I have published so far.
The Fortunes of Magic: Liam moved with his parents to a planet that had yet to become a full-fledged member of the empire: In fact, it was so new that it had yet to earn a name, still being classified as Planet 663-457. They came to study the people and their society, and judge their readiness to enter the empire. 
The people of Planet 663-457 were happily lodged between the Iron Age and the Machine Age. The only, and by far biggest, difference between these people and the people of Earth was the fact that they were about four times the mass of the normal Earth human. This, however, didn’t stop twelve-year-old Liam from making fast friends with three local boys, and they were soon inseparable. 
There was one aspect about the planet and its people that Liam’s parents didn’t find out about until their son was irretrievably submerged in it—magic. Many people of Planet 633-457 had some modicum of magic, but few were strong enough to be able to access it. Those that were strong enough were brought to the masters for testing, and if they passed the test, the masters took on their training. 
Join Liam as he tried to lead a normal life while those around him try to control or regulate the magic that is as much a part of him as the very air he breathes. 
The Speed of Dreams: When all hopes of peace were shattered, Pilot Aaitt’Kaz was assigned to a new style ship. It was built for speed and maneuverability, but Kaz had no time for admirations. Everyone was scattering, scrambling to get back to their command before being shot out of the sky. The ship had coordinates for him – and then she had sleep for him – a very very long sleep. 
A hundred thousand years later, after leaving his refugees to their best devises on a green and blue miracle of a world, Kaz woke again. The last thing he expected to do was fight to protect the descendants of his refugees from the carefully-cultivated warlike nature that had led to the destruction of his home world. The only way he could protect them was to prevent the military scientists from learning the hidden secrets in his DNA. 
Half-Breed: When Slave Master Patro first laid eyes on the child’s ice-blue eyes, he knew he would be the most sought-after slave on the market. The fact that he didn’t seem to be able to talk was a minor frustration. 
Canis couldn’t tolerate the collar though. It not only contained his body, it strangled his soul. When this turmoil turned dangerous, Patro agreed to free the boy, but there were conditions, conditions Canis couldn’t hope to meet, not if he wanted to be truly free. 
The Trials of the Youngest Princess: Anella is the black sheep of the royal family. Determined to find a way in her world, she works her frustration off in secret by trying to figure out how those tournament competitors made their use of the sword look so effortless and beautiful. Then an uncle she knew nothing about returned to exact revenge for some crime lost between him and his brother. 
Forced to pass as a boy, using armor as her disguise, she had to run. With a skill she’d accepted would never venture beyond the nighttime exercises, she was determined to place well enough to win a personal meeting with her uncle, but that wasn’t the only reason she needed to travel around the country. Under the guise of a tournament competitor, she could meet with all the families married into hers and assemble the army she might need to take back the throne of her father. 
Guardians: Reed sacrifices his past to make room for the resonance that would allow him to cast the spells that would even the playing field in the war against the strange bug-like creatures that were spreading into their territory. It was the least he could do. If his father could do it, he could too. 
Adam is far more than he seems, but growing up it wasn’t certain his heritage would show in any other way but the unusual color of his eyes and his obsession with flying. Who knew he would indeed be his mother’s son? 
The Mystery of Planet Wer: Planet 874.1639.3 was deemed fit for colonization, but its one lingering mystery remained hidden until the colonists were settling in. by then it was too late. Quarantine was put in place immediately, and the colonists were on their own. They couldn’t leave the surface and remain human. On the surface it was voluntary, and even useful at times. In time, the colonists took some pride in the society that grew out of the Terror Wars, but the mystery remained ever elusive. 
When Justin Radolfuss, and engineering lieutenant serving as a werwolf aboard a ship that stopped at his home planet twice a year, brought home a charming young lady by the name of Robin Dupree, a vital piece of the puzzle fell into place. She was the one person on the whole planet who could not change. Why? Was it because she was blind? That didn’t seem to be the answer, so they went in search of it. Come along on the expedition. 
Crown of Steel: King Aidyn was a paranoid recluse who could scarcely bring himself to glance out his windows for fear the great outside would swallow him up. He refused to notice as his country began to crumble, and yet he knew it was. He sent his son south to learn how to become the man he knew he could be just as the last of his life crumbled away.
Prince Harris was on the journey of a lifetime. Having been raised under his father's paranoia, the great outdoors was a fantastic adventure. But taking the opportunity his father offered was paramount in his mind. Little did he know that he would run into fairytales and fantasies along the way. 
Prince in Hiding – Book 1 of the Making of a Mage King series: What would happen if you lost your parents? And then you found out they weren’t your parents at all? 
Sean’s parents die under confusing circumstances. But then the secret reveals itself. Sean’s parents aren’t really his parents after all. Sean himself isn’t who he thinks he is either. Not even close. 
Follow Sean through his journey of personal discovery and the revelations of the magical world around him. He discovers his own magic and that family is relative. 
White Star – Book 2 of the Making of a Mage King Series: When the long dead kings gave Sean their approval to wear the crown, they also gave him a mission. …the thing is, they didn’t tell him what it was. 
Feeling like a giant hand was pushing him between his shoulder blades, pulling all his nerves and muscles into a hard fist in the process, Sean was driven. 
All he knew was that he had his dear uncle’s mess to clean up, and he only had until the snow flew to accomplish it all. 
Mage King – Book 3 of the Making of a Mage King Series: As if the secret mission driving him to touch every section of the country wasn’t enough, now he had another problem. Under his dear uncle’s reign, things had started to deteriorate, and distant neighbors were hot to take advantage. With a heavy hand, Sean slapped back at the invaders, and then he had to rush on. 
Will he survive? If he does, will he be what he was made to be, or will he be a mere husk of himself? First he’ll have to wake up.

You can find all of my books over on Amazon and on Smashwords. I do hope you enjoy the read.

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