Thursday, January 25, 2018

I Had a Dream

I did. Once upon a time I had a dream. I so wanted to inherit the ranch and run a riding academy for city kids. Long story short, my brother got the ranch and I joined the army.

I still think about that dream though, even though there is no chance it will ever happen now. So recently that dream found it's way onto my computer screen, and currently that document is over 200 pages long.

There were a few changes though. I took your average family - loving parents, two boys, and a girl in that order (not like my family). The parents were totally involved in the horsing world, and their primary income came from boarding horses. They also bred horses, and offered a couple stallions for stud services. They made a pretty good living that way.

Suddenly, when the girl turned 15, a horrible accident happened which took both parents away. Since the oldest brother was old enough, he inherited the business and the property, as well as raising his sister. He, however, had no interest in the business, and so it slipped away, leaving empty barns. The sister, who was like her parents, very passionate about horses, couldn't spot the changes through her depression. It wasn't until talk of selling off property crossed the table two years later that she woke up.

In looking around, she realized how the place of her dreams had slipped into a run-down dump with only three customers keeping their horses there. The office was a den of dust and spiderwebs. After these eye-opening discoveries, she discovered that her brothers had been selling off things for a while now; all her mother's treasured paintings were all gone. Gone to buy drugs, she discovered. Thus begins her journey of being totally pissed at her brothers. But thus also begins her journey to emancipation and power of attorney.

In her efforts to figure out what she could do about the business, she went to talk to her parents' banker. It was there that she learned about her second brother's many stints in detox. After her meeting there, she went to the police station to learn more. It had all been a carefully hidden secret until now.

Due to a fortuitous chain of events, the family lawyer also became involved and she got her wish. Of course, her brothers being arrested for possession, and possibly selling, kind of sealed the deal for her.

Now you might think this would be the end of the story, but it wasn't. Her brothers' involvement with drugs meant they were involved with dealers, and dealers don't like being ripped off. So with her brothers off to serve a stint in jail, said dealers came after her. They wanted their money. Herein is the guts of the story.

At the moment, they are just learning who has put out a contract on her head, and the current price is well more than the initial missing funds, mostly because of the fact that it was discovered that she happened to be a natural crack shot with her mom's 357 pistol.

I'm having fun with this story. My little girl is kicking some serious ass and she has acquired quite a reputation in darker circles. This is where I am now. What will happen later, only time will tell. If you have a suggestion for a cover, I'm all ears. I might have to go with a painting for this one though. Your thoughts?