Thursday, November 19, 2009


I started this blog to show off some of my writing.  I had, and have, no intention of starting to review movies though I may post a few reviews here, those I've done for some of my facebook friends or those I've done as a tradeoff.  However, I simply had to say something about this movie and this seemed like a good place to do it.  This too is a sample of my writing.  I hope I can convey my views without hurting anyone's feelings too much.


I bought this movie, as I'm sure others have and will, because of who is on the cover.  Our favorite Twilight vampire, Robert Pattinson.   Being a fan of the first two books and the first movie, I'm sure this movie is suddenly booming.  I was, however, totally disappointed.  Since I've never seen Mr. Pattinson in any live appearances, I can't honestly comment on his acting ability, but in my watchers experience, little that it is, I have discovered that handsome men commonly fall into two categories.  They either flaunt and market their looks like Brad Pitt or they are overly shy and would be much more comfortable in a shadowy corner.  At this point, I think young Mr. Pattinson falls into this latter category though I haven't really researched the issue.

The movie was appalling.  It took place during WWI I believe and Flight Lieutenant Jugg was wounded during a bombing run.  I'm thinking this was a very low budget movie because the cast was so small.  At any rate, you can't tell which man in the aircraft was Jugg and you can't tell that he got wounded, only that the plane took damage.

The next scene shows Jugg being dropped off at some deserted castle, paralyzed from the waist down.  Perhaps such occurrences were common at the time, I can't say, I chalked it up to his paralysis and his need for special care, something he got from an understanding nurse who became somewhat of a confidant.  I am aware of fuel rationings at the time so the announcement that the generator would be turned off at seven to save fuel was fine with me.

Jugg had an unnatural fascination with his brother's widow that I found disturbing.  Especially as she seemed to return the attention and yet insisted that she remain his aunt and wanted nothing closer - ever.  The was supposed to progress and show the young lieutenant's love of his aunt betrayed, and yet I saw little emotion in Mr. Pattinson's performance, perhaps that's why he made such a good vampire.  The only window into his troubled mind were the quiet narration of the letters he wrote to his aunt.

Throughout the movie, there were a few psychotic scenes and a lot of nightmares, though the only indication of them was Jugg's inability to sleep and fear of the dark.  According to the back, his beloved aunt betrays his trust and yet what does he do?   One night, he catches her with his doctor and rather than rile at his lot, or even internalize it as he's done with the rest of his problems, he waylays her and murders her while the doctor looks on.

The doctor, in his own right, was just freaky.  He liked spiders and brags about being able to control them to a certain extent.  He allows Juggs self induced isolation to continue, fueling it even by not sending his letters or delivering his aunt's.  He even tells Jugg that his bombing runs were right and for the good side, though I think this may be a common practice and belief at the time.  He even goes so far as to say that Jugg can leave any time he wants and yet the gates are kept closed and locked, not that a wheelchair bound man could go anywhere anyway, not by himself.

It is a theatrical performance that should have died on the stage - then again, I have a strong dislike for theatrical movies.  I can hardly stand Dune because of that and I love that movie.

I hope you don't waste your money on this movie.  And if I've insulted Mr. Pattinson, I apologize and I welcome his contacting me and setting me straight.


Anonymous said...

kk so I wont buy that movie, though as of late, I am not in the habit of buying movies, as it personally seems movies are just not worth the
ps posting anonymous, as I cant remember username/

S.M. Carrière said...

I think you should review as many movies as you think you would like!

I've never even heard of this film... and from the sounds of it, that mightn't be a bad thing. I'll keep your review in mind if ever I see it!