Friday, June 22, 2012

The Thrill of a Sale

Not really so long ago me becoming a published author wasn't even a tickle in my imagination. Even after I started writing, the thought of publishing, though a thought, was nothing more. I had no idea how, and no clue how to find such a thing out. Google, you say, but Google requires an internet connection and I had none at the time.

Today I took some books to work - what was there had been sold. The other day a guest met me and told me his wife bought my book - I was more than thrilled to sign it for her. This morning, another guest told me he had bought my book too, though I don't think he bought one through the lodge (not sure though). Each sale is such a rush, such a thrill. That book was published in '08, but still, each sale I hear about is exciting. I mean really, someone I don't really know is reading something I wrote, and they're reading it because they want to, not because they met me first or because they are a member of my family or a high school friend.

Something I wrote is a real book. It is still a concept that is alien to me, and look at me, I have a second book out there now; and even more astonishing, it's a trilogy, which means two more are sure to come out in due time. Every once in a while someone on Facebook will tell me they have, will, or want to buy my book. I mean, yeah, I keep links to buying my books active every day, but I have never asked anyone to buy one.

When I was a kid, you never heard about authors. Someone who paid attention to names much better than I ever did might buy further books by certain authors, but authors were never on TV or in the paper, not that I ever heard of anyway. Blame it on the lack of internet at the time, I suppose, but even so it seems that the big authors are still untouchable. I've tried, though I confess I didn't try very hard really, but still I've looked up one or two authors of books I like. Never once did I get any kind of a reply. I certainly don't intend to follow suit. There's room for comments nearly everywhere on my website, though most comments are spam of a sorts - not blatantly, but still I suspect. And then there's my blog(s). I've read blogs who get upwards of a hundred comments on every post. Will I ever get that kind of a following? Only time will tell. In the mean time, I'm just happy someone is buying and liking my book(s).


William Kendall said...

Writing's a marathon, I think, and it requires a lot of patience. It's good that you do get that kind of feedback. Gives you the kind of energy you need to keep at it.

La Crona said...

Congrats on every sale Anna!
You deserve it to 100%! You are on your way to fulfill your dream.

Anna L. Walls said...

That is so true, William. and Thanks much, Mattias. I hope so.

Kriti said...

Congratulations on a superb decision Anna! I can only imagine the thrill that you mention. Your writing deserves every bit of attention it gets and more!

tamylee said...

We know how you feel! Everytime we sell a book and get to meet the person who is buying it, it's awesome! We are so humbled by it. Someone we don't know is buying our book! Woo hoo! It's even better to hear from them and find what they enjoyed or loved about the book.

Anna L. Walls said...

That it is, Tamylee. I just love the surprise reviews I get once in a while.