Friday, June 15, 2012

Life gets in the way - sometimes

It does. I've been working at my summer job for roughly three and a half weeks now and I'm tired. Start-up work is always the hardest part. Cabin walls get washed, all the beds get made up. And then there's lots of other things around the yard to clean up, and flats of flowers and herbs to plant. That's not so bad really. I had plenty of time. All I needed to do is tick off the chores, one cabin at a time and keep the flowers watered. But what made it so tiring is the fact that I get up at four in the morning to check emails and do my advertising.

Last year I got up at five to do all that. What's changed? I get more emails every day. I subscribe to more blogs. My list of things I post has probably doubled. In an effort to compensate I've merely saved most of the emails to read later, and my blog novel is finished now. I've even downgraded how many games I'm actively playing :-( Ah well, summer is short. Sorry I haven't been around much but I'm never very far.

Now at work, all the start-up chores are finally caught up. Tomorrow marks the first full 'normal' day and Sunday will be my second day off; I'm so ready for it.

On my list of things to do this summer (other than work) is to get a cover for my blog novel, meaning I need to send the guy a check since I still don't have any money in my PayPal account. Or maybe I'll put some in there myself; I haven't decided yet.

I also have plans to have The Trials of the Youngest Princess published, but the editor/publisher is currently busy getting her mother moved so that won't start until a little later. That's also another reason to get money in my PayPal account since that's the only way she will take payment.

I got an awesome idea for the cover for book 3 of my Making of a Mage-King series, so I need to see what I can do. I loaded Paint for Mac a couple weeks ago; we'll see. I drew what might be used for the cover for book 2 on Paint.

Starting a little later this summer is, I'll be sending book 2 of my Making of a Mage-King series off to the editor. Crystal was so excited to be doing book 2; she really liked book 1.

And always on my mind, The Speed of Dreams will come back after a visit to the editor and I'll need to work on that. That book isn't due for release until February, and I hear they like to make things happen kinda all at once so I might not get that until sometime this winter.

I'm sure I managed to forget to mention something, but that's the bulk of it. It's still daylight out but it's 9:30 at night. Good night, folks. Bear with me; I will be reading all your blogs eventually. Help me think of things to write each week; come Friday nights I'm usually rather brain-dead. haha


William Kendall said...

I've known someone who makes her living doing much the same thing- getting cottages ready in the spring, handling various errands and tasks for clients in cottage country. She's really busy in April and May, and there never seems to be enough time.

S.M. Carrière said...

There really does need to be more hours in a day! Do what you can - but don't burn yourself out! Those of us who lie you will still be around when you get back!

Anna L. Walls said...

Thanks guys. A day off really helps. I got a few things caught up and still slept half the day. Things should be slightly more normal now (I hope).

Savannah Rayne said...

I can so relate to this post! I do in-home day care 8-11 hours a day, in addition to doing editing/copy editing for a publishing company, my own writing and I squeeze "Life" in there somewhere amongst household chores, LOL

Good Luck and may you be successful at all you want to accomplish!

PS...and if you do, please share the secret : )

Anna L. Walls said...

My secret haha make a list of things to do and cross them off as I go. If something happens and I don't get to something on the list, that's ok, it's still on the list for the next go-around.

Unknown said...

You're a busy bee, Anna, but you seem headed in the right direction. I hope you feel fulfilled!

Anna L. Walls said...

It's all so very exciting - or maybe breath-taking. Sometimes I feel like I'm spinning in a tornado. hahaha

Cathy Brockman said...

you forgot to say your working on a new wIp.or two lol..You sound like me!! busy busy!! good luck! and dont work too hard.

Anna L. Walls said...

I'm lucky there. Book 2 of Making of a Mage-King is waiting to go to the editor. I suppose I should go through it though. The Fortunes of Magic is waiting for a financial influx. The Speed of Dreams is with a publisher; it's next step is to return to me after their editor goes over it. That leaves The Trials of the Youngest Princess, which has been polished as much as I know how; it too is waiting to visit the editor. Yep, that's the line-up, and the only one I should be working on is White Star, book 2 of Making of a Mage-King.