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I am a self-published author and I live in the wilderness of Alaska. My connection to the outside world is restricted to a post office that is nearly thirty river miles upriver from where I live (Skwentna Alaska is on the map), a fixed wireless telephone, and very recently, a internet satellite dish. We don’t own a car since there are no roads out here. The end of the closest road is at least sixty river miles downriver from here. From there, it’s a taxi to the next town of any size (Wasilla Alaska is on the map too). Needless to say, I don’t go to town very often because the privilege is simply too expensive.

Since I work seasonally at a fishing lodge, I have all winter to write, and since I have discovered this delightful hobby, I have written a dozen full-length fictional books. Thanks to an inheritance, I was able to get one of them published.

At this point, I have one book of short stories, as yet unpublished. King by Right of Blood and Might is the first book to be published. Another book (The Making of a Mage King) came out in a single long story, but I was informed that it is too big to publish in a single binding (909 pages, 326,764 words); since it’s already divided into three sections, I suppose it can be three books too, though I would prefer that it weren’t; the summer of 2014 will see the third book published. Also available on Amazon is my blog novel, The Fortunes of Magic, and my science fiction novel, The Speed of Dreams. The rest of my books range in size from a hundred and fifty pages to four hundred pages (58,755 words to 138,668 words). Their titles are, from smallest to largest, To Reclaim the Throne, The Mystery of Planet Wer, What Future, Slave, The Trials of the Youngest Princess, Lord of the Land, The Guardian, and Half-Blood.

Some of my stories take place in the future where space travel is as common as small aircraft travel is today. They don’t quite qualify as ‘science fiction’ because I tell the story about the people and don’t really go into the technology very much. The series of three of which the first two books are now published, takes place in a different dimension, or maybe a different reality altogether. Mostly I like to write about societies where swords and horses are common, and many of my stories have some form of magic involved; I have found that changing the rules by which the magic can operate can be challenging, and at the same time, quite fun.

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