Friday, June 1, 2012

Prince in Hiding - Now on Amazon

What an exciting ride this publishing business is. My second book, Prince in Hiding, is now on Amazon. I sold five books during the week of pre-order status. I have no idea who bought them. Some twenty people joined the event on Facebook. One person said shipping was too expensive to the UK. I can understand that. She was excited to learn that an eBook version would be available. I heard from another person in a Facebook group I am a member of; she told me she had order the book and was anxious to start reading it. Now comes the next part of the publishing adventure. I know five people will have my book in their hands very soon, now I have to wait to see if they post any reviews. I SO want to know what they think, and I want to know what they REALLY think. My ego doesn't need stroking with good reviews. I want to EARN the good reviews by having told a good story well.

This summer I decided to sell my books from my website. The only time I can do that is during the summer. Today, I learned the prices for my ordering Prince in Hiding, and though it's predicted that it will take up to four weeks to print up and get here, I've received books sooner. Regardless, that still means Prince in Hiding may be available from me by the middle of next month. Would you like a signed copy of my book?

Of all the used books I've read over the years, I have never found a signed one. Does that mean that relatively few books are signed? I suppose considering the vast number of book actually printed, that is probably true. But I prefer to think that if a reader went to all the trouble of getting a book signed by the author, it remained in their possession to be handed down to the next generation. The very thought that a book of mine would be treasured in such a way by even one person is a humbling thought. I can only hope such a thing will happen.

What about you? Have you published a book, or two? Or more? Is it still exciting for you? Do you still thrill at each sale, not because of the royalty check, but because someone will be reading something you wrote? That is just the best, if you ask me.


William Kendall said...

I'll have to get my hands on an ereader. I'm so far behind in books I've been looking to get my hands on, Anna.

Debra said...

I'd love to talk more with you about this publishing business Anna.

Who publishes your work? And how exciting for you!