Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Night at the Inn - In TO BECOME WHOLE

He turned around to see Cepheid standing in the middle of their furs with nothing on.  She had lost weight and her ribs were plain to see, but that was not what he was looking at.  In fact, he wasn’t too sure what he was looking at.  He wasn’t sure of anything except the fact that she was so far away.
He was at her side without quite knowing how he got there.  His laces were being unruly, but her warm hands pushed his away and pulled the laces free before he could tear them out of his way.  His coat dropped away and his shirt followed soon after.  A chill rippled his flesh as she pulled at the lacings to his pants.
If his coat and shirt vanished with astonishing speed, she pushed his pants down slowly, and he melted after them, and found himself suddenly sprawling on the pile of furs that was the soft nest she had made.
She unlaced his boots and tossed them aside, then pulled the pants free of his feet with languid movements that took many detours back up his legs.  With hot hands, she rubbed his feet, each of them, slowly and carefully while Canis struggled not to pant.  Satisfied, she began to crawl up his frame all too slowly allowing the full length of her body to caress every inch of her path.  By the time she found his mouth with hers, he was putty in her hands.  He couldn’t have protested if his life had depended on it.  He wasn’t even sure he knew how to breathe.
She had curves in all the right places.  She was soft in such a fascinating way.  She took his hardness and consumed it with her heat.  She molded him to her demand.  He was lost in the sensation of touch.  Their climax shattered his senses.
Somewhere shortly before he fell into a sated sleep, he had a brief thought of how vulnerable they had been.  If someone had tried to attack them, it was entirely possible that he would have been utterly unaware until it was far too late.
I am here, friend,’ said Ggrrawrr.  ‘I watch over you as you watch over me.’
With a sigh, Canis lost the all too brief battle to stay on the alert.  It had been utterly washed away from him.  He slept.


Tom Bailey said...

Interesting story... Very discriptive style. This is my first visit to your blog.

I like the way you write.

Anonymous said...

Oh how naughty! I need to read more to know what happens