Friday, September 25, 2009


What would you do if you found yourself in a position where the welfare of millions is thrust into your hands? Foster wasn’t accustomed to looking after the welfare of anyone. His concern was keeping his ship in one piece - the crew that rode with him was simply collateral. And yet he finds himself in just such a situation when he is handed new orders and directed toward a fine new ship.

With war being a way of life, there was the warrior class and then there were the peasants who supported them. Peasants never became warriors unless they passed rigorous tests or were exceptionally gifted. Young Foster was all that and yet his birth as a peasant haunted him, hindering him from achieving the advancement those born to warrior class could get. Nonetheless, he became a top pilot and was picked for a dangerous mission - a secret mission - a mission kept secret even from the pilot. It wasn't until far too late that Foster discovered that his ship did not contain the expected crew of officers, engineers and gunners. Instead, aside from himself and his cockpit, the entire rest of his ship was filled with the hope of a new beginning on a new world and his involvement in the only life he knew had ended.

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