Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Very First Post

Since this is my very first post in my very first blog, I suppose I should talk about my very first book, now published.


The world has come apart - the moon and it's destroyer have come crashing down - but some people survived - some people always survive. They survived the destruction. They survived the resulting ice age. And most importantly, they survived to regroup and start building societies once again.

The glaciers are receding and the ground is fertile once again thus allowing my story to begin. However, there are always good people and bad people, and there will always be legends and fairytales. Will the bad people be able to withstand when good people unite with legends and fairytales? Who can say. And what might happen if Mother Nature takes a personal interest in the happenings of one young man who steps into the legends?

Read some pages on Google books
Buy the book on Amazon and read the whole thing.

Above all


S.M. Carrière said...

Hi Anna!

Congrats on the blog! I promise I'll keep myself up to date with your posts! Your book sounds really interesting and I think I might pick up a copy for myself.

Creative Chronicler said...

Looks awesome! This will be a great place for you to post snippets of your stories!