Friday, January 27, 2017

I Just Had an Epiphany

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Winter is my time to write, but it's also my time to watch movies and series's. I recently watched the Dark Angel series, and then just last night we watched the Lost Boys Trilogy.

In case you've never watched any of Dark Angel, the whole premise is a secret facility decided it was a fantastic idea to do a little gene splicing in order to create the perfect soldier. It starts out with a bunch of kids escaping from this facility, but then they have to keep a low profile because the guy who runs the facility will stop at nothing to find them and take them back. These kids/young people are an interesting character study. They are incredibly smart in many things, and yet completely ignorant of some of the most basic things we all take for granted.

The world they function in is what is termed as a broken world. You see, shortly after these kids were created, someone set off a massive EMP pulse in the atmosphere which sent the nation into the dark ages.

One thing I will say about this world, throughout the seasons, some things get better, and of course, some things stayed the same.

Long about half way, they introduce the concept that Max is the perfect human. She is THE ONE. Now what that ONE is supposed to be is never said, but it offered a springboard ripe for play, and it made her the target of even more people, because they also introduced the idea that this gene splicing thing was only a recent way to do things that were already secretly being done, and for hundreds of generations linked as far back as the earliest civilizations on this Earth.

Eventually that gene splicing facility was shut down, but Max, our pretty little angel up there, was able to get everyone out. Only thing is, everyone meant all sorts - those designed to operate in the desert, those designed to operate under water, those designed to operate in the arctic - it made for some very interesting interactions, and they were also the impetus for some blatant playing with racism and human rights. I think the series ended because they didn't know quite what to do with these sensitive issues.

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That brings us to The Lost Boys. Now the whole premise behind all three movies was 'if you killed the head vampire, all those he'd turned or who had been turned using his blood, were instantly cured, provided they hadn't already killed'.

And so herein is my epiphany. If Max is THE ONE, why was she created? And of course the entire breeding program was to prepare for the coming, though they never said what coming they were talking about - not even a hint of Christ's coming, so it was wide open.

So, what if that 'coming' was an awakening of long sleeping vampires eager to suck the planet dry before sleeping again. I mean, it is in fitting with the assorted hints that human civilization has been wiped out before, but there is no knowing how. Ooh I do love mixing and matching premises. So Max was created to be the only person capable of killing these nasty vampires, and she was created in secret. It is up to her to save all of humanity. After all, as she says, they were created to protect humans, not be liked by them. (or something like that)

I invite you to watch these and tell me what you think. Too bad the makers of Dark Angel couldn't see into the future and read this post. Maybe they'd take the idea and run with it.


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William Kendall said...

I did see Dark Angel during its original run. I didn't know there'd been any follow ups to Lost Boys.