Saturday, November 1, 2014

Solve the Problem

Druid Derrick

Derrick has a problem. It seems there’s a plane crash; it’s one of those small planes and it crashed in a ravine, now mostly hidden by brush and soon the coming darkness. Now, Derrick has a problem. He’d really rather not have search parties flying over and combing the woods looking for this aircraft.

I know. This post is really short, but my hand is a little screwed up and I’ve only been able to start typing again today (day 3).

So, here’s the question. What do you think Derrick would do? As I see it he has two choices. Hide the crash completely or perform the rescue himself, thus shortening the search. Do you have another idea? Let me know. This is your chance to help me sculpt this book.



William Kendall said...

I'd have him do the rescue himself.

Willow Drake said...

I agree with William that he should perform the rescue himself if there are survivors, but I think he should also hide the crash completely to keep prying eyes out of his woods. Like a cloaking spell perhaps

Anna L. Walls said...

Yes, he did. And I also found a way to get searchers to the crash site in short order. He wasn't so much interested in hiding the wreck as trying to avoid search parties poking around where he would rather they didn't.