Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Life in a Harry Potter World

Thus is the direction of my thoughts upon occasion as I make the fifteen minuted drive to work on a quiet river early in the morning. The other day I watched a special about a new Harry Potter attraction at Disney Land in Florida. Some time ago I saw a cool picture of a witch's broom on Facebook and made the comment about how it would be nice to just hop on and buzz over to work, and not have to worry about launching the boat or all the rest of that jazz. Put this all together and I begin to wonder what it might be like. So here goes:

As already mentioned, a broom would be awesome if all I had to do was pop over to the lodge and back. Heck, disapparateion would be even better. However, just going back and forth isn't all I do. There's the year's worth of food and fuel ordered through the lodge that I need to haul home, and in my little boat, this takes many trips. I'm not exactly sure how Reducto works, and there's Hermiony's purse that seemed to hold everything they needed while they were on the run. That might work for the food, but I'm not sure the fuel would be so easy.

At work, I set the tables for breakfast, which will be at 8:00 - a simple wave of the wand would do that; I'm sure Molly would be able to teach me everything I need to know. After the tables are cleared, I sweep the floor and occasionally mop, then it's off to clean the bathhouse at about 9:00, and whatever cabins and rooms that happen to be occupied. Here again, I would need to take lessons from Molly, but it sure would be cool to wave my wand and have the beds make themselves properly and the floors swept. It doesn't take long to begin with, but you know how it is. Anything that takes a ten minute job and turns it into a five minute job would be awesome. Same with when the guests leave. Just wave my wand and the beds are stripped and remade; I wouldn't mind if it took a few more minutes. I'd have to come back with a mop, but that's not too bad. 

Then it's back to the lodge to run the vacuum, start the laundry, and set the tables for lunch. I can see it happening all at once, of course the washing machine and the drier can handle the laundry. Woohoo!!!

Now, since there are eight cabins and four rooms, the possibility of not being able to get to them all before lunch exists. Of course, if I've cut the time in half, that possibility is slim, but sometimes people go back to sleep after breakfast, so after the tables are all cleared and the floor swept again, it's back to any cabins or rooms that were skipped in the morning. After that, not much is happening until it's time to set the table for dinner at 7:00. 

Hanging around after dinner to clear the tables is probably the hardest part for me; it makes my trip home rather late, but the guys have been spoiling me by letting me go after desert is out, and then they clear the tables for me later.

So with a wave of a wand, my life would be a little easier, but many things would still be much the same. We'd still have to run a generator in order to keep the freezer going. There might be a spell to deal with that, but I'm rather certain there's no spell that can ensure my internet connection. hahaha So, since muggles go to great lengths to invent machines to make life simple, there's no reason I shouldn't take advantage of that.

Where will my thoughts go next time? Time will tell. hahaha



William Kendall said...

Of course, you'd have to do all your banking with goblins, and they're even grouchier and more surly than the human bankers.

Anna L. Walls said...

Yeah, but you can't beat the security measures. hahaha