Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Blurbs that Be

 Are you ready for book three? Mage King will be out soon. Check out the others so you'll be ready; you won't regret it.

What would happen to you if you lost your parents at 17?

And then... what if they weren't your parents at all?

When Sean loses his parents within a year of each other he can't see past the tragedy... until he finds out his father isn't really his father... and Sean isn't who he thinks he is. Follow Sean through his journey to a magical world where he is royalty and his powers are only beginning to bloom... and family is a relative concept - evil uncles and all.

Prince in Hiding by Anna Walls is the first in the Making of a Mage King series that follows young Sean from boy to Mage King!


When the long dead kings gave Sean their approval for to wear the crown, they also gave him a mission.

…the thing is, they didn’t tell him what it was.

Feeling like a giant hand was pushing him between his shoulder blades and pulling all his nerves and muscles into a hard fist in the process, Sean was driven.

Accomplish what?

All he knew was that he had his dear uncle’s mess to clean up, and he only had until the snow flew to accomplish it all.

The sequel to the best selling Prince in Hiding!


As if the secret mission driving him to touch every section of the country wasn't enough, now he had another problem - a big one - and there was no let-up on the original mission.

Under his dear uncle's reign, things had started to deteriorate. Now Sean was left with no choice. With a heavy hand, he slapped back at the invaders, and then he had to rush on.

No more being Mr. Nice Guy. But such heavy-handedness has its own risks, especially when the mission comes to a head and all his questions are answered - as if the answers would do him any good.

Will he survive? Can he survive? Will he be what he was made to be if he does, or will he be a mere husk of himself? First he'll have to wake up.


William Kendall said...

Good for you, Anna!

Willow Drake said...

I guess I better break out my Kindle and start reading White Star, since Mage King is almost here. Loved Prince in Hiding!!I can wait to read the other two and I'll post a review on Lair as soon as I finish them.