Friday, August 9, 2013

The Guardian

By popular vote on my website, you all have decided that The Guardian will be my next book. I have already submitted it to my publisher and he likes it. This is my initial pitch, though he now has the entire manuscript. At this point, no further talks have gone forward about it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The war with the bug-like Cerfcum was dragging on, but we were gaining ground. We were pushing them back - slowly, but only because we had captured a young queen and were able to learn how to turn their magic back on them. Eventually, the volunteers learned the right words to make the magic work, and soon they became known as Guardians. Guardians of the weak. Guardians of the helpless. Guardians of humanity. Guardians of our very existence.


Reed Meyers was one such volunteer. Reed was determined to follow in his father’s footsteps so he graduated from the Mercenary School at the top of his class. When he heard of a call for volunteers to become Guardians, he went to see. It was there that he learned of his father’s real career – and death – as more than just a mercenary, but a Guardian. He could do no less. The sacrifice he had to make in order to do his father proud was the memory of that – of his father, of his loss. The next best thing was to tell himself that. He poured it all out on a videodisk, and it became one of his most treasured possessions.

With steadfast determination, Reed worked hard to bring about the end of the Cerfcum. Eventually, he was instrumental in bringing about the death of the Queen Mother, thus bringing down many of her youngest queen daughters and ending the war. But the death of the Queen Mother wasn’t the end of the story. Oh no. From the heart of the Queen Mother’s hive, he brought away a human toddler. At least, he was human in every way except his lime green eyes. No, they hadn’t seen the last of the Cerfcum. Adam was proof of that.


Adam grew up with Reed’s own son. They were very close, but though registered as twins, the two boys couldn’t possibly have been more different. When the boys reached the age of twelve, the Reed household was forced to make some adjustments. Adam’s Cerfcum heritage was asserting itself and Reed could no longer put off telling the boy about himself and where he came from, and what his future might hold.

With a strong affinity for flying, Adam couldn’t get enough of the simulators, and it wasn’t long before he earned the moniker ‘Stress Test’, but the moniker was the beginning of trouble; it was also the beginning of being noticed. By the time he had graduated from the Air Force Academy hiding what he was became impossible. With the end of the bug war, the guardians had become obsolete, so what was there for the Queen Mother’s youngest son?