Friday, July 26, 2013

Druid Derrick - Meditation doesn't always come easily

Thoughts on the last few days churned through Derrick’s mind making the quiet hard to come by, but the Lady came anyway. Chill hands came to rest on his shoulders then moved to his neck, and then to his cheeks. Cold fingernails combed hair back from his temples and then raked his braid loose in a single leisurely motion.

Then like the smoke, she drifted in front of him and rested her cool cheek against his; her icy breath tickled his ear as she whispered to his soul. Then she changed sides, whispering something else into his other ear. These words he understood.

“Say it,” she whispered. “Prove to me that you remember what you ask of me.”

Derrick was confused, but then she showed him the meeting with the teachers, the meeting with Anya and the two men needing some healing, the meeting with Daniel at the car, Simon giving him the chest, Marissa reading his cards, the meeting with Cade, Sidney and the others at his door. It didn’t take him long to catch on to what he was seeing. All people meeting with him, seeking his attention for one reason or another, ticked back over the last several months. But it was the last meeting that jogged the necessary memory, the dark elves. “Never let me forget my purpose in this life. Never allow the things and people that come and go to distract me away from my very first vow. My heart and my soul and all of my weapons are yours to command in all things. All else is secondary and transient.”

Her satisfaction was felt in the warmth that exploded from his heart, and then she sealed it with a brief kiss full on the mouth.

As if he wasn’t having enough trouble breathing, he found himself gasping as he opened his eyes.


Willow Drake said...

Love it! Although, really, you're being a tease. I want more to read!

(I know I'm one to talk... hi my name is Pot. lol)

Anna L. Walls said...

hahaha thanks for stopping by

William Kendall said...

A good passage, Anna!