Friday, April 13, 2012

My Guest This Week, J.R. Nova

My Words

by J. R. Nova

I write fantasy, and when I'm not at my computer I'm playing guitar, practicing Yoga, or reading a book. I blog at and You can connect with me on Facebook and Google+, and if you enjoy my writing and want a little more, feel free to check out my debut novel, “Rising,” on Amazon:

I picked up a pen at the age of 12, for the same reason many people pick up a pen. I did so to write down a feeling I had. It was a painful feeling, and what came out was a poem. I began writing poetry in sixth grade, at the bequest of my teachers who enjoyed my essays and other work. They saw a promise in me, a skill.

The poetry I wrote was emotional. It was therapy. And that was my first experience with writing outside of schoolwork. For several years my words were really all I had, as so many others have experienced. Words are the window into the soul, and it’s through that doorway many of us live.

My writing is no longer just therapy for me. It's no longer just emotional. I blog, not about my darkest thoughts, but of my interests, my life, my work, my relationships and experiences with humanity. I use a computer now, instead of a pen. My words have evolved from simple emotions to complicated and passionate introspection.

And this is writing, for me, for so many others. I started writing fantasy at age 16, and by the time I was 20 I had pretty much given up on poetry. I have branched out into writing fiction and nonfiction, but the core of why I write is intact.

I write because I'm a human being, and I see things in life that need to be put down in words. They need to, not quite be immortalized, but at least be remembered for me, as well as shared with others. Sometimes I put these things into the form of themes within stories. Other times I blog them or write long-winded essays to get to the bare bones of my ideas.

One of the biggest questions for any writer is whether or not we should—or even have the right to—share our words.

For years I kept much of what I wrote to myself. Some of the things I shared were welcomed, some weren't. But as I grew older, as I began to explore the deeper reasons of writing, the more I realized that not only could I share my writing—that I did, indeed, have the right to do so—but that I was, on at least one level, obligated to do so.

Every writer needs a reader. Every reader needs a writer. It is an injustice to readers for writers to keep their words to themselves.


Because we never know what piece of writing may have a profound effect on another human's life.

And so I write, and now I share.

Why do you write?


baldychaz said...

Hello sir fancy seeing you here! I write because my mind is a constant swirl of story's and vivid images, I love writing and people seem to like reading it ;)

Anna L. Walls said...

Thanks for stopping by, Baldychaz.

Alan Place said...

Alan in the UK here LOL.

I write for I feel the power of the story flowing through me, which enhances the story for the readers.
I write mainly because I like to please the growing numbers of readers who enjoy my work.
I enjoy all feedback good or bad as that shows I am getting read.

Anna L. Walls said...

Thanks for stopping by, Alan. You make a very good point about feedback. It is invaluable in so many ways.

William Kendall said...

Well said, JR. We write for some of the same reasons!

annigirl72 said...

I write because I'm alone. I'm around people but I don't think they understand at all about the way I see things so I write it down and put it online. It's disappointing when no one responds but when they do, I get to enjoy a real connection and I love that.

Anna L. Walls said...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I write because I love to read and since new books are so very far away, I've learned that creating my own new book is really quite rewarding. I too lead a rather isolated life, Annigirl. Ever since I was a kid, I wasn't one to mix with the crowd and now there's no crowd to mix with, not that I would. Since I started blogging, I have discovered that I really like to think - that's think about some subject in depth, and sometimes it's really helpful to put it down in writing somewhere. I'm so glad I only schedule two of my blogs, and one of those will be finished after today. My blog novel, The Fortunes of Magic will get it's last chapter tonight. I hope some of you will read it in its entirety.