Friday, November 18, 2011

The Investigation

In my current manuscript, Druid Derrick, I have been bothered by the fact that I have relatively little information from the other side of the 'looking glass'. You see, my character kind of walks in two separate and distinct worlds. There's the world you and I are familiar with, and then there is the hidden life of a druid, a life where he must protect the other sentient species that inhabit this earth. Races like centaurs, elves, dryads and pixies, and many others have hidden for centuries, and druids like Derrick help to ensure they stay hidden for their protection.

It bothered me that my story was rife with adventures in Derrick's side of the 'looking glass', but next to nothing from our side. Then I got the idea to add a few chapters to that end. Just a few - nowhere near half.

In the chapter I'm adding now, I decided my detectives would be going around to all the different people most closely involved in, or closest to, either the crime itself or to Derrick. A month has passed and I'm really having fun getting the different points of view from the different people.

Remember that different people will see the very same event and each one will have a totally different opinion or translation about what happened.

Derrick's mother can't even think about that night without breaking down.

Derrick's father rules the family with an iron hand. He has strong opinions about what his son should and should not do.

Derrick's uncle refuses to believe he could have done the crime but the evidence is pretty strong. Ultimately, he's just plain furious about the whole affair and determined to find Derrick at any cost so that he can clear his name once and for all.

From Derrick's best friends we will get the best insight into what might make Derrick tick. It remains to be seen if the detectives can pick up on that though.

What do you think? How would you use such an investigation? Or would you do something different?

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Lisha Yost said...

wow, I like your ideas for your story. Is this for a novel? I would totally read it!

I joined your site through google friend and networked blogs because your blog is so awesome!

You should come check out mine. I just wrote a blog post about why you should stop reading and start writing! See it at Join my google and networked blogs too, if you'd be so kind. You know... showing "blogger love" and all ;)

I'm looking forward to learning more about Derrick and all the twists and turns in your story! It' a good one! :)