Friday, September 9, 2011

Prince in Hiding, Book 1 of Making of a Mage-King

Young Sean Moselle, sixteen years old, was leading a very normal life until the night his mother died mysteriously. He was just starting to function again, after a fashion, when his father died a year later, so very close to the anniversary of his mother's death. Before he could grasp it all, he was thrust into a whole new life, a life one only finds in movies or in books, a life filled with knights and warhorses and even a few damsels in distress, though not from any dragon. No, the 'dragon' in this case was his uncle, an uncle he never knew existed, in fact, his whole past wasn't really his past. Oh sure, he did all the things a kid growing up in New York does, mostly, but it was all a cover, and he never knew a thing. His father, Elias Moselle, wasn't really his father. His mother, Analeace, wasn't really his mother either. His real father was the heir apparent of a kingdom somewhere else, and his uncle had had him killed. His mother was so close to term that she didn't survive the escape, leaving the infant Sean alone in a strange land with an odd collection of bodyguards.

Young Sean wasn't just the rightful king of this strange land somewhere far away, he was very magical. As a product of some careful breeding, he was supposed to be very powerful indeed. He was handicapped though. Most children begin to learn how to use and control their magic around the age of six or seven. Sean was ten years behind; he had a lot of catching up to do if he was ever going to reclaim his throne.

But it wasn't the throne he went back for, nor was it the power that went with the crown. Only a small part of his reason for going back was revenge against the man who had deprived him of the family and the life he should have had. No, he went back to save the people from the so very evil dictator who sat on the throne. He was the only person who could stand a chance of pulling it off.

Ok, I know (now), this is so very cliche, but then again, this is pretty much where the cliche ends. Sure, he gets the crown, but it certainly didn't come around at the end of a long, glorious battle. No, it happened so quickly, so easily, that no one knew anything had changed. It wasn't until he started undoing his uncle's damage that word got around. But this is reaching into book 2. And along through book 2, we discover that Sean is on a much larger quest, one he can't puzzle out. Not only is he driven to undo the destruction his uncle went to great lengths to foster, but he was driven to get it all done 'in time'. In time for what, he didn't know. By the time we reach book 3, Sean is driving himself, and those closest to him, to near insanity as his nights were riddled with confusing dreams and his days were spent pushing his magical limits to the max. What is this bigger goal? Well, maybe I'll give you a hint, but only if you ask. But if you're at all diligent, the answer is on my website.

Prince in Hiding is coming out in October. Are you looking forward to it as much as I am?


Debra said...

I know you must be counting down the days Anna!
How many books will this make that you've authored?

Anna L. Walls said...

This will be my second book published but I've written over 20 long and short stories. They are all waiting in line to be professionally edited and published. Looking for an eBook publisher too, for some of them.

ProBlogging said...

@ Anna L. Walls : all the best for your second book.

Daron Henson said...

Interesting story. I would like to see how the story comes together and all of its nuances.