Friday, June 10, 2011

A World Without Books

That is the topic of this Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour organized by Pandora Poikilos

Ever since I was invited and told the topic, I've been thinking about this subject. Books - think about it - all our worldly knowledge is written down in some book somewhere. Even considering the internet now, books came first, and are still first, and will remain first for a very long time. A lot of information is being stored in the internet somewhere, but for it to be permanent, it has to be on paper somewhere.

Now consider, what if no one had managed to figure out how to make paper? Oh my! What would we have used instead? Stone came first, then clay, I believe, and to make it more permanent I believe it was cast in ceramic or something similar. Such a thing is certainly more durable than paper but it is also so heavy and bulky - inefficient. Just think of the volumes and volumes of vital information we have on books. Being vital, that would be the kinds of things diligently chiseled into our stone tablets. But what about everything else?

Think of the loss. Think about all the writing media out there - newspapers, magazines, and of course books - now think of all the people intimately involved with them, writing them or reading them every day. Without them, people would of course be doing other things. If no one had ever invented paper, people wouldn't know what they were missing. I'm sure such things as bards and storytellers would still abound, just as I'm sure that, like writers, they would still be 'starving artists' haha.

What else do you think would fill the void? Without a treasured book to curl up on on the couch or read late into the night, what else would there be? What in the home would change? Would there be less couches? Less lamps in the bedroom?

Of course, there is another view one could take on this subject - what would it be like if suddenly you woke up in the morning and all reading material of the paper variety was just gone? Now that would be traumatizing to the max. A loss would be putting it mildly. Such a loss could drop us back into the stone age cause if something broke or someone died the thing would remain broke - so much useless technological junk.

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Unknown said...

Thank you Anna for joining the tour. And I like how you think. That everything is on paper somewhere. I'm certain of that too. The Internet is great but it's eerily non-lasting.
Cheers - Dora

Jessica Brant said...

There is nothing like grabbing a book and curling up to read it on the couch. Better than that is reading aloud to a child or children...
Here is my World Without Books

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Anna - I'm struggling to think of what I would be doing to 'fill the void' that books would leave....Great question and there are no easy answers! Thank you for making me think.

Babz Rawls Ivy said...

LOL! I am sure folks writing on cave walls couldn't fathom anything beyond writing on cave walls. I am embracing technology and I still remain a lover of had books.

I do appreciate the topic and I am glad I am on the Blog-A-Licious tour.

Lisa Mandina said...

Your comment about newspapers is very interesting, as they seem to be going away due to the internet. My dad works selling subscriptions to the Kansas City Star, and he sees the downturn first hand. Great post, glad to be a part of the Blog-A-Licious tour with you!

Kriti said...

Yes Anna - the word "loss" is a huge understatement!! I for one would dread carrying stones with me everywhere I went : )))

Sonia Rumzi said...

How good to see you on the tour. I am so glad you decided to make it. Yes, a warm fire, a book and a cup of Constant Comment. :)

Roy Durham said...

back at the fist of may blogger went down many bits of information went puff. gone!!! how much was lost when the library of Alisander burn 2500 years ago. there are archives that are trying to save all of the information, including our blogs. i hope there will never be a world with out books thank you and god bless

Shelley Workinger said...

If there were no more paper materials, I think an enormous new class of graffiti artists would emerge :)

John said...

Awesome and thoughtful post, Anna!

divalush said...

I've been curling up with the iPad lately but I still love the feel of pages. I'll take a book any way it comes though! Great post! Happy to be on the tour with you!

Ravenmyth said...

I am so about books...It would be a tragedy to not have them in our lives. Just think, when your computer crashes and you have it full of e-books..panic..panic. Not to mention all the work to get the darn computer up and running again and retrieve all your data...

Oh well, at this point, I could just curl up with my Book and take that heart attack level back to zero...because it is sconsed safely on my shelf...

I love books and world would not be void of either...

Thanks Anna for your spin on Books...loved the humour intermingled in your story...

Rose Kelly said...

Congratulations! You have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award. Please go to my blog, Outaw’s pRose @ to pick up your award and pass it on!

Your Blog Host - Janet Beasley said...

Hello Anna - so glad you're on the tour. What a wonderful take on the topic. It definitely got me thinking. ;-) ~Janet~ JLB Creatives

Stacey Donaldson said...

I don't even like the thought of being without books, they are part of who I am and who I strive to be. I just love everything about them :-)

I found your blog on the tour, so nice to meet you.


Duane said...

God - it'd be horrible - there'd be no Borders with coffee - carrying those stones around would be hard. and think of us writers - revising with a chisel!!

S.K.Delph said...

I'm thinking that we need to find a way to make our information more permanent...paper burns and disintegrates when wet, machines break, power grids die, rocks and clay will we preserve the information that we have worked so hard over years of history and life to amass?

We are stars; the universe looking and learning about its self. We are the keepers of the sacred knowledge.

Anna L. Walls said...

hahaha - revising with a chisel - I like that one, Duane. Maybe they would invent hand-held jack-hammers. hahaha

Tim Greaton said...

Makes you wonder where it will all end, Anna. If books are only one step along the continuum from stone tablets to...what?

Leah Griffith said...

With all the modern technology available, I still prefer holding a book in my hands. My kindal is great for traveling, otherwise it's me and my books.