Friday, February 25, 2011

The Ongoing Story of The Daisy Lemmas Riff

Blog Chroniclers
Started By Roy Durham

Howdy! Are you ready to have some fun? Are you ready for some adventure? Do you want to look for hidden treasure? Visit new places? Travel the world? Meet new people? Make new friends? Maybe find a new job? Do you like to play games? Read a good story? Travel back in time or go into the future? Have you ever just surfed the web? Do you seek wisdom and knowledge?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you’re ready to begin your journey.

Here are the rules: Follow the links - read the story and you are off on the adventure. As you travel, report on face book where you have been or tweet about your adventure. Have fun.

A growing group of blog writers, artist, and photographers, have joined to write a story; each has written a chapter to the story, and you are the main character in the story. The story is ongoing and changing at will - your will. You are in control.

Watch for new links as the story evolves.
Last rule; leave a footprint or your mark the trail by leaving a comment at every page of the story

*Note to Bloggers: if you want to join in, contact any participating blogger and you will be added.


Chapter 13

Every since he came into my life, I have struggled and cried and tried to run away. I have watched my life come apart is confusion and turmoil. I have seen the world I thought familiar fragment into chaos. An elephant? In my apartment? Where did it come from? Where did it go? Why is it bronze? Who really cares? Not I. No more. A bronze elephant in my livingroom is the least of my worries.

As if that chaos wasn’t enough try sorting out the sudden appearance of a bar straight from the old west held up by a gun-toting mad cat hunting a doubly mad mouse that ate Garfield’s cousin for snack. I’m outa there hot on the heels of the closest dude and I land with a roll just in time for the dude to open some exotic box. Why would he open someone else’s box? Of course, I know the answer to that question as soon as I ask it. He’s here same as me, he’s just been here a moment longer and he’s too curious for his own good, and for mine.

That box opens and he is all around us again. Or rather, he’s all around me - who knows where curious dude went - I sure don’t. That box wasn’t big enough for this, this vastness that was nothing, this darkness that was filled with emptiness? Or was it? Does emptiness take up space? Or does space fill volume?

I’m pissed now. Where is my life now? How dare he intrude in my world? I’ll get even. I’ll get my revenge. All I have to do is fill the emptiness, fill the page. I reach out and there is magic. I reach in another direction and there is a space ship. And in another direction is a herd of centaurs. Yes, I can do this - fill the page with worlds and ideas, subterranean and extra terrestrial, ancient and far future. And then I reach out again and you are there. Join me and help me fill the void.

Chapters of this amazing journey include:

Chapter 1 - Roy’s Garage Sell and Auction
Chapter 2 - Peace from Pieces
Chapter 3 - howaboutthis
Chapter 4 - Memoirs
Chapter 5 - My Journey Through The Pages
Chapter 6 - Sweepy Jean Explores the (Webby) World 3.0
Chapter 7 - Scattered Musings of a Creative Mind
Chapter 8 - Holes in My Soles
Chapter 9 - Roy’s Garage Sell and Auction
Chapter 10 - Ravings Ramblings and Rants
Chapter 11 - Almost There
Chapter 12 - Ravings Ramblings and Rants
Chapter 13 is right here
Chapter 14 - Ravings Ramblings and Rants
Chapter 15 - Explore
Chapter 16 - Legend of the Void....I am " Raven"...

Keep an eye on this. New chapters could be added at any time.


R.M. Hepler said...

NEAT! Nice call for others to participate. If I wasn't before I definitely would rise to the challenge now. I am so glad I decided to join the chain! ONE OF US!

sulekkha said...

You tell great stories, Anna. Loved reading your post, My piece was the fourth one, Memoirs. Like your, about me, writing is my passion too.

Roy Durham said...

mouse just where the heck are we, you and your big ideas, there ani't no cat yaaa is see those elepanth track, will you leave tthing alone we got to find a way out of here. grerrat job anna hang on mouse is at it again. you shoot that gun you will wake something idon't what, get out that door this place is load with magic ***** mouse what was that for. oh, just marking the trial, come on lets ride.

Unknown said...

Loved your chapter!! adding to my blog now :)

Anonymous said...

Anna, I love this! "Does emptiness take up space?" I wonder. I think it might. That's a beautiful question. Gonna add yours and the other new chapters ASAP.

Anna L. Walls said...

Thanks for all the comments, guys. This is fun. I'm glad I joined in.

Jacqui said...

I've never heard of this sort of collegial blogging, Anna. What a hoot.

Anna L. Walls said...

It's really quite fun, Jacqui, you should jump in and give it a try.

Papercut Doll said...

It is fun, isn't it and I really enjoyed this. There's so much energy here - it just radiates from the page.

Anna L. Walls said...

Thanks SJ - and thanks for stopping by.

Ravenmyth said...

Anna...I like the way you gave the impression you " wrote" your way out...that was truly original. I could feel the chaos and confusion in this post..truly a side affect of the " Void"...well done...poor Garfield's cousin...I hope that mad mouse is not lurking around for the rest of us!