Saturday, April 17, 2010

To Serenade the Sea - from KING BY RIGHT OF BLOOD AND MIGHT - Published

Down on the beach, Kandy found a lone rock inviting her to sit on it. As she watched the activity around her, she began to hum. She loved to sing and had different tunes for different flowers, plants and animals. Most of them were just melodies, but some developed words. She decided to treat the fishermen in her vicinity as she let her voice capture the waves and motion of their oars. Then words formed and told of the nets and the fish. Her words spoke to their fishermen's souls, and their love for the sea in all its tempers. They found themselves so caught up in the song that their work became easier and quicker. Strangely, any man who stopped to listen found a discord in the song, caused by his very stillness as he stood outside of its rhythm. As they finished their work, her song wound its way back to its beginning melody, which sang wordlessly of the waves and the setting sun.

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