Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hunting Bear - from TO BECOME WHOLE - unpublished

Despite the darkness, he spotted the charging mountain of blackness instantly as it contrasted stardly with the whiteness of the snow all around the clearing.  He knew that its enraged speed would never be stopped, just as he knew that the arrow in his hand was a pitiful weapon against such a mountain of rage.
If he were going to die here, at least he too would go down fighting.  In the seconds that he knew were all that remained of his life, he loosed the arrow at a glint a fraction to the right of the center of the black mountain, then he drew his sword; it felt like a toothpick in his hand.  He knew that the other hunters had fanned out around him and were firing arrows as well.  In a replay of a scene that had already failed once, the wolves were closing in, ready to pull the bear's attention away from its charge to give the hunters vital time to continue the attach.  Rrusharr was at his side, ready to throw hirself at the bear's face at the last moment.
All of their efforts were unnecessary; without a sound, the massive beast was dead long before it ceased to move.  It careened to a sliding halt less than a foot from where Canis stood transfixed.
As soon as his numb mind could comprehend the fact that the mountain of bear that lay in front of him was never going to move again, he saw the red-fletched arrow; the glint he had targeted had been the bear's left eye.  The poison hadn't even had time to act; the arrow had penetrated the brain bringing its agony and rage to an abrupt end.

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